Julie Hogbin | Author Coach Public Speaker
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Conscious Leadership

My question to you is – Are you a Leader? Or are you being Led

Are you leading you? and others? or are you simply following?

Your World,
Your Business,
Your Organisation,
Your Family

Business needs Conscious Leaders who are prepared to stand up & be counted to make a difference.

Business Mentor

To be a ‘Master Mentor’ the Mentor will have received training on how to Mentor and what Mentoring is. Mentoring is a skill set that can be taught and can be learnt and is not as simple as most think.

  • They have the knowledge you desire
  • They have the Characteristics you admire
  • They have trod the path you wish to travel

Coaching will provide you with a comprehensive thinking process, systems package and action strategy.

What thinking leads you to make the decisions you currently make? Is it the right thinking to get you to where you want to be? Coaching will enable you to question your thinking process and install the way of thinking if it is not already there to get you to where you want to be.

Public Speaker

I am open and looking for opportunities to speak & Inspire others, if you think I have something to offer your Networking Event, Company, Charity Event please contact me


I will talk on two key Subjects:

Wealth creation through Property


Conscious Leadership

Property Investor

Providing Creative Ethical – Value Driven Solutions for all involved.

Working with people who cannot sell their property through the ‘normal’ route of an Estate Agent or who simply do not want to work with an Estate Agent. We provide creative solutions allowing you to achieve your dream quickly, on your terms (if we can) with complete openness and honesty at every step of the way.

Meet Julie

I have worked with Leadership and Management teams in the Public and Private sectors for over two decades, more recently with Entrepreneurs building their own business & consistently with people who want to change their lives. I was awarded a prize by the last Partnership I worked with for being Inspirational and a role model – a brilliant moment for my memories.


Get In Touch Today And Become World Class