Julie Hogbin


Unlocking Potential with Accountability for Results

Coaching will provide you with a comprehensive thinking process, systems package and action strategy.

What thinking leads you to make the decisions you currently make? Is it the right thinking to get you to where you want to be? Coaching will enable you to question your thinking process and install the way of thinking if it is not already there to get you to where you want to be.

It will turn cloudy and vague thinking into clear and laser-focused thinking – it will unlock your potential.

You have an unbelievably powerful and dynamic mind that can recalibrate itself forming new ways of thinking and behaving, making your ideas and dreams a reality.

As part of the coaching process, you will make new conscious choices, which will promote new habits, changing those old, possibly long-standing, habits.

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It is our choice!

“Break the rules
Challenge your life
Make the rules
Create your life”

Julie H January 2018

It's Our Choice

Imagine an ice cube and yourself as one, think about how you would change a square ice cube to a round one? You could leave it out and wait for the natural elements to work their magic and defrost, or you can apply heat and make the whole process quicker – that’s what coaching does, it provides the heat.

The complex and changing times we find ourselves in lead themselves to individuals who are far more prepared and ready for change. Our capacities need to be honed, stretched and developed in preparation for us, as the individuals we are, to take the opportunities presented to us. Sometimes, it enables us to see opportunities that we would otherwise have missed.

Different times force us to think differently. Those who wish to get on do – and those that do not develop their skills in thinking differently to behave differently will get left behind in the new world we are inhabiting.

Own the material of your life and be confident in it – the more you own it, the easier it will be to create and live it.