Julie Hogbin


Learn how to lead effectively

Are you a Leader? Or are you being Led?

Are you leading you, and others, or are you simply following?

Your World,
Your Business,
Your Organisation,
Your Family

Business needs Conscious Leaders who are prepared to stand up and be counted to make a difference.

Julie has worked with Leadership and Management Individuals and teams in the Public, Private and Entrepreneurial sectors for over three decades.

She is truly passionate about creating and supporting Conscious Leaders – that includes you, the individual, along with teams and businesses that lead through integrity, with transparency and congruence.
She will only work with those who truly desire to build and enhance their own credibility and skill set and are willing to do the work required to change.
She has worked with all levels of Leadership and Management, from boards of trustees, CEOs, SMTs to those aspiring to adopt a management role or those who have many years’ experience. You can be an experienced Business person or just thinking about starting.
At a conference in Limpopo, students… sometimes called learners although I still don’t get the difference… anyway, everyone was getting a little sleepy so we did some exercise to help get the blood pumping again! Check out http://xleducation.co.za for more info.

Succeed with Support & Challenge

Subjects Julie relishes providing Training, Coaching or Mentoring on are:

* The Conscious Leadership Code
* Relationship Awareness Theory
* Contribution Compass
* Vision, Values and Culture
* Relationship Management through values & communication 
* Mentoring Training & Mentoring & Coaching of Mentors
* Coaching Training & Mentoring & Coaching of Coaches

Performance Management 

Leadership Development & Operating Transparently

Managing the Waves of Change

Creating the culture you want for your business & life

Get in touch with Julie today and become a Conscious Leader.