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You will also receive a complimentary financial budget planner when you connect with Immanuel & Julie at WealthBeyondMoney.today

'Nothing sits in isolation; everything is connected'
Julie Hogbin

Wealth Beyond Money

Master your life & achieve the balance of health, relationships & financial freedom

“Wealth Beyond Money” is a revolutionary guide of principles that challenges conventional notions of wealth, urging readers to find a deeper understanding of true wealth beyond just financial assets.

At its core, the book emphasises the importance of self-mastery, balance and being in healthy relationships, challenging and encouraging readers to reshape their perspectives.

Built upon the three foundational pillars of Health, Relationships and Money, this book underscores the idea that genuine wealth is well-being, happiness and prosperity in abundance and the intertwining of purpose, passion and people, NOT just the figures in one’s bank account.

Dive in to redefine wealth for you and your loved ones, and discover a journey of profound abundance rooted in self-awareness and self-mastery.

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Endorsements Received

Rob Moore - Disruptive Entrepreneur & Progressive Property

Prepare to be inspired and empowered by 'Wealth Beyond Money,' a groundbreaking book that challenges conventional notions of wealth and introduces a transformative approach to living a purposeful life.”

Emma Willis - Celebrity Big Brother & The Voice
Matt Willis - Busted

Captivating and thought-provoking, 'Wealth Beyond Money' offers invaluable insights on achieving holistic wealth and fulfilment in every aspect of life.

Simon Wilson - YouTuber & Influencer

Wealth Beyond Money" isn't just a book; it's a transformative journey that helps people realise their full potential, welcome true wealth, and find balance in life.

Alex Reid - Celebrity Big Brother Winner & MMA Fighter

Finally, a book that goes beyond financial success 'Wealth Beyond Money' opens readers' minds, helping them achieve true wealth and create a legacy that extends far beyond money

Explore True Wealth

In “Wealth Beyond Money,” we invite you to explore the various dimensions of wealth. True Wealth is not what most people think!

‘Wealth Beyond Money’ challenges conventional beliefs and invites readers and listeners to redefine what True Wealth means for them.

Co-Authors Julie Hogbin & Immanuel Ezekiel’s thought leadership & combined wisdom collaboration is a shining light on the universal nature of wealth that transcends material possessions & is within everyone’s reach.

Immerse yourself & unlock your true essence of prosperity, success, and fulfilment.


FREE Budget Planner Spreadsheet when you complete your scorecard!

Are you ready to take control of your financial journey? Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to budgeting success! Introducing our exclusive Budget Planner spreadsheet, available FREE after you’ve completed your Wealth Beyond Money Scorecard!

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Supercharge Your Finances with Our Free Budget Planner Spreadsheet!

Why choose our Budget Planner?

Comprehensive Tracking

Capture every detail of your income and expenditure effortlessly.

Eye-Opening Insights

Uncover hidden expenses and take charge of your spending habits.

Honesty is Key

We encourage 100% transparency – it's better to overestimate and build a safety net.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Download our Budget Planner now and watch your financial goals become a reality. It’s time to budget like a pro!

Unlock Financial Peace of Mind with the Power of Budgeting

In the face of the modern cost-of-living crisis, budgeting has never been more vital. With rising expenses in rent, mortgages, groceries, energy bills and petrol prices, managing your money effectively is the key to financial stability. Enter the world of budgeting – your financial superhero in challenging times!

Budgeting on paper is simple, but sticking to it requires discipline or an effective technique. For example, your bank account only provides a snapshot of the current day, making it unreliable for budgeting. It doesn't consider pending transactions, direct debits, or upcoming expenses. Basic budgeting tools from banks may help, but they often overlook one-off expenses or long-term savings goals.

Rather than seeking the cheapest way to do something, prioritise spending within your means. This shift in mindset ensures that your finances lead your lifestyle and will thus prevent overspending.

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🔍 Why is budgeting so crucial?

1. Understand Your Spending Habits

Ever wondered if you're spending more than you earn? Our Budget Planner is your financial detective, providing precise insights into your spending patterns. It's not just about saving; it's about gaining control.

🚨 Dickens' Mr. Micawber warned us in the 19th century: "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result – happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds six, result – misery." Don't let overspending lead to a debt spiral – the Budget Planner is your shield against financial woes. 

2. Empower Yourself to Make Informed Decisions

Once you've identified your spending habits, the next question arises – what can you afford to spend? The Budget Planner guides you in reshaping and prioritizing your expenses. Whether it's setting money aside for a dream purchase or devising a plan to tackle debt, you'll be in control of your financial destiny.

💡 But here's the challenge – sticking to your budget. Fear not! Our savings jar banking technique is here to make staying on track a breeze. The Saving Jars Banking technique automates spending, providing a clear understanding of available funds for different categories, allowing you to achieve your financial goals with ease and precision.

How does the Saving Jars Banking technique work?

Step 1: Select Your Spending Categories

Determine your desired spending for various aspects of your life, such as holidays, weddings, Christmas, etc. Use a budget planner to allocate funds to each category.


Step 2: Arrange Your Saving Jars

Split your funds into different jars, representing categories like bills, holidays, Christmas, etc. Traditional bank accounts or modern online platforms and apps can be used for this purpose.


Step 3: Use Standing Orders to Feed the Saving Jars

Set up standing orders to transfer designated amounts to each saving jar bank every month. This ensures that funds are allocated as planned.


What will Saving Jars Banking give you?

Accurate Reflection of Finances
By allocating funds to specific jars, your main account accurately reflects the money available for discretionary spending.

Enhanced Control
Easily identify if you can afford certain expenses by checking the allocated jar balances. Prevent overspending and stay within your means.

Automated Savings
The technique automates the process of setting aside money for various expenses, making budgeting more seamless.

Interest Accumulation
Utilise savings accounts for infrequently accessed jars to accumulate interest on the money set aside for specific purposes.

By adopting the Saving Jars Banking technique, you not only streamline your budgeting process but also gain better control over your finances. The method allows for more accurate financial planning, preventing unnecessary debt and ensuring a more secure financial future.


Transforming Your Finances: Is It Really Worth It? Absolutely!

Let’s be real – a complete money makeover demands 2-4 hours of your time. Yet, the payoff is nothing short of extraordinary, especially in the challenging times we find ourselves in.

We dare you to imagine saving £1,000 in a single day! When we conducted money makeovers for clients, the average annual saving exceeded £5,000. Yes, that’s before we even uttered the words “cut back.” Now, let’s say you do it yourself and achieve half of that, saving £2,500 (though we believe you can do even better). Compare this with your annual earnings.

Brace yourself for the revelation – this saving doesn’t even consider taxes. Unless you’re raking in approximately £4,800 a day (equivalent to a staggering £1.25 million a year), this could easily be the highest-paid day of your entire year!

Don’t just take our word for it; embark on the journey to financial empowerment now. The rewards are waiting, and the best-paid day of your year might just be a budget makeover away!

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