Julie Hogbin


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About the Conscious Leadership Podcast

Welcome to The Conscious Leadership Podcast. In this podcast, Julie Hogbin provides information on the how to of Leadership and Management of Business and Life. 

Julie shares her wisdom gained through many decades and thousands of consultancy days, coaching, training and mentoring working with 10s of thousands of individuals in Business and Life.

Why does she share it freely? Because many people have said to her over the years that she is the voice in their head when they approach a situation, they imagine how she would handle the situation and that gives them confidence  

The Conscious Leadership Podcast covers much and digs deep into subjects that will help you Lead a Conscious Life whether you are in Business or not. 

Julie shares her personal life stories, she shares solid sound business strategy, she shares conflict management, to motivation, mental health and anything in between that affects you and your business. If you want a subject covered that currently isn’t let her know and she will do a specific episode for you 

Julie shares her learning so you can be prepared nothing sits in isolation everything connects somewhere and somehow – listen in and learn what that truly means 

“Healthy life and business is relationships, without the human interaction with self and others what do you have? ”

Julie H